Seasonal Organic Produce

All of our crops are intimate with the sun, wind, and rain. As farmers have steadily moved toward growing early season produce in plastic hoophouses, we have maintained a traditional outdoor approach because we feel the use of disposable plastics is a non-sustainable practice. Our offerings are closely tied to nature's limits, meaning tomatoes won't appear in our display until August. Not only has this approach led us to a deep appreciation for the abundance that nature provides on her own terms, but we believe that produce grown outside is a more flavorful food.

Resource & Energy Conservation

We are striving to create an agriculture capable of feeding humanity for a thousand generations. We grow cover crops that are turned into the soil to feed the soil life and improve fertility. Free range chickens eat pests and weed seeds while adding nutrients to the soil. Flowers grow amongst our crops to provide habitat for beneficial insects. Over 80% of our electricity comes from on farm solar panels and many of the materials we use are recycled after we are done with them. Lean more at our Elements of Sustainability page.

Live and Learn @ Persephone

We offer apprenticeships for people interested in learning to farm organically and seasonally. Apprentices live on the farm and receive instruction as they dig their hands into the inner workings of sustainable agriculture. Find out more here.