We are grateful to farmer and webmaster Madeline Yoste for bridging the chasm between the modern world and two fuddy-duddy farmers.  Follow Madeline's new adventures at her Compostella Farm on Instagram!

We appreciate the beautiful photography of Shawn Linehan and hope that if you like it as much as we do you will look for more at www.shawnlinehan.com.

Thanks also to the other farmers and family whose photos appear on this website: Michael Newton, Katie Kulla, Gwendolyn Ellen, Lane Selman, Madeline Yoste, Patrick O'Brien, Erica Hranicka, Lara Scudder Cittadini, and Luka Bergendahl.

And to Erin Boers, who has carried this website forward beautifully since Madeline moved on, thank you for accepting the world's strangest job description with your usual panache.

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